6 From 38 Pools

6from386 from 38 Pools is a soccer pools lottery game where results are based on soccer games played in Australia and Europe. This lotto game is played like any other regular lottery game and you don’t need to know anything about soccer to play.

Pricing: From AUD $0.75 per lotto game

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6 From 38 Pools Lotto Rules:

6 from 38 Pools (Soccer pools) is based on weekly Australian and European soccer matches.

Every week a list of 38 soccer matches get numbered from 1 to 38 inclusive. For a standard pools lotto game, you choose 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 38.

Once the games have been played, the results are submitted by officials and the 6 matches that add up to the highest total drawn scores are the winning numbers. For example, Match A with a final score of 4-4 has a higher total score than Match B which finished 3-3. The supplementary number is the 7th highest result of the week.

How many numbers do I need to win money?

6 From 38 Pools has 5 prize divisions:

Here is what you need to match in a single game to win a lotto prize:

Division 1: All six main winning numbers
Division 2: Any 5 main winning numbers and the supplementary number
Division 3: Any 5 main winning numbers
Division 4: Any 4 main winning numbers
Division 5: Any 3 main winning numbers and the supplementary number

When can I play?

Results are announced on Monday at 12.00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) after the last games are played and the dividends are confirmed on Monday afternoon.

Entries close Saturday 6.00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

How Can I Play Online?