Two friends become Millionaires after buying the same lottery ticket

Two colleagues from Goolwa, South Adelaide have become overnight millionaires after the two players won with the exact same numbers in a Saturday Lotto draw. The draw took place on Saturday November 2nd and featured a special draw jackpot of $20million, up from the usual four million. The numbers drawn were 1-2-10-12-21-42 and the supplementary numbers 13 and 40. Players matching all six numbers, including these two lucky winners, walked away with $1.67million each as there were 12 winners in total.

The two players, who have chosen to remain anonymous, usually took it in turns each week to buy the lottery ticket which the two would share as part of a two-person syndicate. The mix-up happened when one player thought it was their turn to buy the ticket so went and purchased one without checking with the other player, who had actually already bought one as they knew it was their turn.

One of the winners called the other after the draw to tell them that they had won a share of the jackpot, and expected to be greeted with cheers or, more likely, a belief that they were lying. Instead the second winner explained the confusion and how they had bought a ticket themselves, so the pair had effectively won the jackpot twice over.

The odds of winning the jackpot in a Saturday Lotto draw are 1 in 8,145,060, and players can usually expect to walk away with a share of the $4million jackpot depending on how many other players match all six numbers required to do so.